Wm. Proud Masonry Restoration Co. is pleased to announce our new Building Façade Inspection division in response to Philadelphia’s Façade Inspection Ordinance. The newly enforced city ordinance pertains to buildings six stories and taller, or any appurtenances in excess of 60 feet. Wm. Proud Masonry Restoration is the single source provider for all building owner’s needs. We offer in-house engineering, safety certified suspended scaffolding, skilled installers and operators. Our team works closely with building owners to approach each inspection uniquely. More info about Facade Inspection Services


Once the water or moisture penetrates into the stone or brick it causes the natural salts to form. The salt crystals expand and cause the brick or stone to spall and cannot be stopped until you prevent the water or moisture from penetrating into the substrate. Your brick, stone and mortar will have tiny fissures or cracks where water or moisture can penetrate. The cracks may be the result of the composition of the stone or the way that the stone is formed in the earth.

In the case of brick they can be caused by surface erosion, the expansion of the mortar joint and the way that the brick was originally made. One thing you can count on is that sooner or later water will penetrate your brick and stone one way or the other. Once moisture penetrates the stone or brick it can form salts and or freeze. If it freezes it can expand inside the crack and cause the crack to expand. With Philadelphia’s weather cycle of freeze and thaw, the mortar joint will crack and water will cause structural damage.


Concrete, like all things, is susceptible to damage. Sidewalks can develop cracks; holes may form in walls, cracks in driveways, etc… The cause of this damage can be any number of things: weather, impact, temperature change, etc. Whatever the cause, and whatever the damage, it is important to know how to properly repair the problem.

Our staff is experienced in using products such as Thoroseal which is a portland-cement-based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry. It fills and seals pores and voids, correcting surface finishes. We also use Dow Corning products, Sika, Thorac, and Mapei coatings.


We specialize in masonry cleaning of stone and brickwork, as well as paint and graffiti removal. To restore masonry to its original condition we will clean the surface using eco-friendly products and pressured hot water.


Masonry is subject to weathering by the elements. Acids in the rain, building settlement, freezing and thawing cycles and dirt take their toll on masonry. When mortar joints are cracking or deteriorated, masonry repairs are necessary to help maintain the integrity of the structure.

Our staff is experienced in all aspects of masonry repairs including, but not limited to: brick and stone pointing, brownstone, limestone, concrete, stucco, terra cotta, marble and granite restoration, parapet rebuild/repair, starbolt installation, pinning and restoration anchors to stabilize walls.


Preventive maintenance is a must to keep costly repairs to a minimum and our company can provide programs customized to meet the needs of businesses both large and small as well as private homes. We will perform an inspection your building’s masonry condition including caulking, pointing, structural cracks, window conditions, etc.


The restoration of an historic building presents unique challenges that require a trained eye and skill sets that go beyond those of an ordinary restoration contractor.

Wm. Proud Masonry Restoration is a very specialized masonry company – with the knowledge and expertise needed for complex and historically appropriate restorations or renovations of residences, churches, and buildings. We can restore and preserve any part of your historic building.

We employ expert craftsmen for many important aspects of historic restoration. Exterior masonry is a critical part of your building’s exterior. We are also experts in wood restoration. Much can be done to retain original doors, windows, and wood trim of historic buildings. Even in situations where significant water damage or dry rot has taken its toll, these building elements can be restored by replacing damaged portions with new wood or through the proper application of wood epoxy restoration materials.

Structural Stabilization. Basic to the integrity of any structure is ensuring that it remain upright and intact against the force of gravity. Soil erosion, water intrusion, structural modifications due to prior remodeling, and deterioration simply due to aging of materials are all threats to the stability of a building. Using the correct techniques, all these situations can be effectively handled with solutions which require minimal sacrifice of materials original to your historic property.


We use Dow corning products designed to waterproof above-grade exterior masonry substrates, such as concrete block, fluted block, brick, stucco, synthetic stucco, poured concrete, precast concrete, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS) and previously coated masonry substrates. The invisible barrier forms below masonry surfaces to depths of up to ¾ inch and will not wear away as a result of harsh weather conditions. This barrier is also breathable – allowing water vapor to escape from inside the concrete or masonry while reducing liquid water penetration into the substrate.


Caulking is necessary to repair expansion and control joints, windows, doors, and concrete structures. We use a range of products from Sonneborne, Dow Corning and Sika designed to provide the best adhesion and sealing. Selecting the right sealant or caulk is important to prevent moisture and air infiltration.


The constant wear and tear caused by automobiles and the freeze and thaw climate in the Philadelphia area calls for the need to maintain a diligent maintenance program. We offer a multitude of methods to ensure the safety and stability of your parking garage.

Our services include; concrete repair, full depth repair, epoxy injection of decks, overhead columns and beams, applications of traffic coatings to decks and balconies to protect concrete and extend the service life of parking garages.


Epoxy injection is used to fill cracks in masonry to structurally secure the masonry back together. This procedure is used to strengthen the building and can be used with threaded rod or rebar. It is also used to fasten or anchor signs, addresses, decorative clocks, etc., to the inside or outside of a building.