Wm Proud Masonry Restoration completed the Historic Facade Restoration of the former Post Office building at 30th and Market streets. We performed the exterior masonry restoration and cleaning of the limestone, brick and granite.


  • Ornamental Metal Restoration
  • Re-pointing of existing Limestone Veneer and Balustrade
  • Cleaning of existing exterior stairs and railings
  • Cleaning and Polishing of all Interior Marble
  • Bronze Window Caulking and Refinishing
  • Cleaned and Sealed interior Travertine floors
  • Replaced Marble panels using new and salvaged materials
  • Building History

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places June 7, 1978

Built during the Great Depression, the 30th Street Station has served for more than forty years as Philadelphia’s principal passenger station. Once used as the headquarters of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the station and its attendant trackage have undergone little change since the completion of their construction in 1934.

While the building is an impressive architectural statement in its own right, it takes on particular significance when viewed in the context of the history of American railroading and urban planning. One of the last of the former “gateways” to major American cities, the station was part of an overall central city improvement program begun in 1925 by both the City of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Planned as a replacement to the landmark train shed terminal in center city, the 30th Street Station marked the commitment of the railroad to electricity as a preferable energy source for trains.

Wm Proud Masonry Restoration was honored to be part of this Historical Restoration project on one of Philadelphia, PA’s most remarkable landmarks.